(in 1896 , in transylvania , a recently married couple walk in to their home , and the bride gets out a sword)

woman : for my brave knight

(the man presents a flute)

(the man and the woman hug) (20 years later , in 1916 , the couple is asleep when their suddenly catches on fire , and the man wakes up)

man : mina , kids

(the man finds his 3 daughters in the corner of their bedroom , cowering , and they and their father escape the house , but the woman , named mina is nowhere in sight , and the man has tears in his eyes)

man : mina (sees the reason behind the fire , a group of villagers) they , they did (his sadness turns to anger , as he falls to his knees) YOU MANIACS , YOU BURNED IT UP , AH , DAMN YOU , GOD DAMN YOU ALL TO HELHEIM

(the girls comfort their father)

(100 years later , at the watterson house , richard comes in)

richard : hey everybody , i got a new job

gumball : really

darwin : what is it

richard : i am a real estate agent , oh , and i just got my 1st client , in transylvania

Gumball: oh, cool, could I be an assistant?

Darwin: and maybe I could be second assistant?

richard : i don't know if you all are ready

Darwin: uhm, well, I found a secret door way under the stairs. . .

Anais: were just not ready k?

Gumball: *sigh's* ok, tell us all about it when you get back! :)

richard is about to leave for his client, but the kids do a puppy stare*

Richard: pack your bags

Nicole: i'm coming too

Gumball: you sure mom, this is dad we're talking about here

Anais: who cares

Darwin: good point

Gumball Darwin Anais Nicole and Richard: ROAD TRIP

nicole gumball darwin and anais pack their bags and go with richard*

they make it to the place soon*

Gumball: here we are

Darwin: the castles a bit creepy

Gumball: I know 0-0

richard : well , this is where the client lives (to the driver) thanks for the lift

driver : any time (heads off)

they go to the door*

Richard: *knocks on the door* hello? are you home sir?

darwin : sir

richard : yeah , mr. renfield said the client was a man

(the door opens , and the wattersons walk in)

richard : hello

(a man is seen on the top of the stairway)

richard : you must be my client

man : indeed , you may call me count dracula

richard : richard watterson

(dracula sees the other wattersons)

dracula : i did not think you were bringing guests

richard : neither did i , but the kids gave me the puppy eyes

dracula : well , i must say i'm surprised (sees nicole) is this your wife

richard : yes

dracula : you are a very lucky man

nicole : i'm nicole

dracula : oh , and a lovely name too (kisses nicole's hand) (to the kids) and who might you be , young ones

gumball : i'm gumball

darwin : darwin

anais : anais

dracula : well , my daughters would like you all very much (to richard) they really like it when boys come over

richard : anais does too

dracula : (to nicole) you know , you remind me of my late wife , she was lost in a fire that destroyed our 1st house , but now , it seems as if i am looking right at her

nicole : really

dracula : you have her eyes

(dracula's daughters come in)

dracula : oh , just in time , everybody , i'd like you to meet my daughters , lucy , mina , and elizabeta

(the girls walk up)

mina : (to gumball) well , aren't you a cute 1 (strokes under gumball's chin)

Gumball: uhm, thank you.

Darwin: who are you?

Gumball: uhm, thanks mina.

Darwin: hi

Gumball: hi, these are our parents, Nicole and richard.

Anais: yep, were visiting for quiet a while

Nicole: you girls look nice.

Richard: yeah, very good looking.

lucy : thank you

mina : i can tell we're gonna enjoy your time here (kisses gumball's hand)

Gumball: so, you like dodge or dare?

mina : excuse me

Gumball: yes?

mina : nevermind

dracula : say girls , why don't you take the kids in to the den while the adults and i get down to business

elizabeta : yes father

(dracula , richard , and nicole go upstairs with dracula , and the girls take the kids to the den)

in the den*

Gumball: nice den.

mina : thank you

lucy : say , can we interest any of you in a foot massage

darwin : well , we have been on our feet alot today , why not

(the kids sit down , and the girls massage their feet , mina massaging gumball , lucy massaging darwin , and elizabeta massaging anais)

Gumball: ah, this acually feels good. . . kind of awkward that they took of your shoes and socks.

Darwin: eh, I'm a fish, the massage is still good

Gumball: yeah

Anais: ^ ^ it really feels good.

elizabeta : thank you , we learned everything we know from our mother

Darwin: that's cool ^ ^

lucy : i know

(mina gasps)

mina : oh no , i just remembered , lucy and i lost our favorite bracelets , i think they rolled under that dresser over there

gumball : i'll go look (goes to the dresser and kneels down to look for the bracelets)

lucy : (to darwin) you'd better help him

darwin : ok (goes over to darwin and also kneels down)

gumball : we can't see anything

mina : oh , just keep looking , we can wait

Gumball: *feeling around for them with Darwin* you got them?

Darwin: no, do you?

Gumball: no,

mina : oh , it's ok , we've got all day

anais : don't you think they should've found them by now

mina : (whispering) i'll let you in on a little secret (whispering softer) we don't really have bracelets

anais : (whispering) really

lucy : (whispering) yeah , this is just a prank

mina : (whispering) we've pulled it on dozens of boys

elizabeta : (whispering) they have

mina : (whispering) it works every time

Gumball: sorry couldn't find them, but I found this ball of yarn. . . *starts playing with it helplessley* meow :Big eyes:

Darwin: dude, quite it we have to find their bracelets.

lucy : oh , we're fine with you guys having fun while you're looking

Darwin: ok

their looking all over for them while having fun*

mina : i love it when boys come over

lucy : me too

elizabeta : of course you do

mina : come on , we all know how you get when children come over

elizabeta : that's different

Gumball: where else to look?

mina : how 'bout underneath that cabinet over there

they look under*

(lucy and mina stare at them while they do it)

Gumball: where could it be?

Darwin: I don't know, I'm still looking.

mina : it's ok , take your time , boys

they keep goin*

(lucy and mina continue staring)

they find a secret way behind a bookcase*

Gumball: oh a secret passage way, maybe this leads to the missing bracelets.

Darwin: yeah

they go down the secret passage way too look for the bracelets*

elizabeta : oh , i wouldn't go there if i were you

(lucy and mina stop them)

Gumball: why not? your bracelets might of been left somewhere in a secret room or something.

Darwin: yeah, it could be as easy as it was finding a stranger in a basement we didn't know we had in our house.

Gumball: yeah, don't you want us to find them?

lucy : i have my doubts they're down there

Gumball: well I don't think you've looked down their have you?

elizabeta : none of us really go down there , even dad doesn't go down there

Gumball: well how would we know if it's down their or not if we don't go down their?

Darwin: we have flash lights you know. . .

elizabeta : look , let's just not go down there , ok

Gumball: *gasps and turns to darwin* dude I think their hiding a super dark secret down their or something, I wonder what it could be.

Darwin: WHOA, your probably right, lets go!

Gumball: WERE GOING DOWN ANYWAYS *they run down looking for any secret they maybe keeping them from with their flashlights on*

elizabeta : NO YOU'RE NOT (stops them)

mina : now now , guys , there's no need to fight (to gumball and darwin) look , we just shouldn't go down there , we don't know what's down there , and i don't think any of us wanna find out (to gumball) oh , by the way , nice pants

Gumball: uhm, well thanks *has a plan to find out with darwin when their not alone*

elizabeta : you'd better not have any thoughts

Gumball: no heh heh, I have no thoughts, anyway's were gonna continue to look for your bracelets somewhere else.

anais : look , gumball , darwin , i know what you're thinking , and you shouldn't be snooping around , these girls said they've never been down there , besides , it's not polite to eavesdrop

GUmball: ok, but were still gonna see their secret! they probably have some dark secret int here!

elizabeta : we already told you , we don't ever go down there , besides , it's nearly 7:30 , it's nearly dinner time

Darwin: ok, we'll continue looking for your bracelets now

Gumball: yeah.

mina : oh , we're over those things , but thanks though (kisses gumball on the cheek)

Gumball: oh, ok *blush's*

they go and have dinner*


richard : ok , i'm just gonna need you to sign here , here , and initial here

(dracula signs the spots)

richard : ok , congratulations , carfax abbey is now in your possession , and (gets a paper cut) ow , well , that was unexpected

(dracula sees the cut , and moves closer to richard when he wraps his finger in a hanky)

richard : it's ok , i've got a hanky

dracula : well , it's dinner time

(later , at dinner)

(elizabeta comes in with the main course)

elizabeta : allow me to present a old family recipe , passed down through our family for generations , the red ruby , what we do is take a whole turkey and we shove tomatoes in it , it's that easy

dracula : and i already have your drinks (gives cups of wine to richard and nicole , and cups of cider to the kids)

Gumball: a turkey?

Darwin: is it Thanksgiving already?!

elizabeta : no , this is just a family recipe

Gumball: ok

mina : oh , you almost forgot the secret sauce (hands elizabeta a bottle of blood laced with sleep medicines)

elizabeta : oh yes , (pours it on the wattersons' food) we save this stuff for visitors

nicole : is it some kind of tomato juice

lucy : oh , let's just say it'll be a sleeping experience for you all

(darwin sees a sword on the wall)

darwin : nice wall display

dracula : you have a good eye , young man (goes over and takes it off the wall) this sword belonged to vlad the impaler himself , my wife gave it to me after our wedding , she was a descendant of vlad

richard : i didn't know you were skilled with broadswords , count

dracula : eh , sometimes , i practice

gumball : can 1 of us see it

dracula : certainly (hands it to gumball) just be careful

(gumball unsheathes the sword)

gumball : hey darwin , check it out (does a pose) i am samurai

darwin : my turn (takes the sword) i steal from the rich and give to the poor (gives it back to gumball , who points it at dracula , who suddenly has a episode , knocks gumball over , takes the sword and points it at him)


gumball : dude , we were just playing

(richard gets up)

richard : stop

(dracula calms down and resheathes the sword)

dracula : my apologies , i have a bit of a temper (puts the sword back on the wall) , ever since i lost my wife , i've been very protective of my home

nicole : we totally understand

Gumball: yeah, wait, what did he mean by " a sleeping experiance for us all?"

Darwin: . . .probably nothing

gumball shrugs it off

nicole : (to dracula) say , do you want my drink

dracula : i never drink wine

richard : well , i don't know about you guys , but i'm feeling tired , like , more than usual

(later , after dinner)

elizabeta : well , it's getting late

gumball : goodnight

(mina playfully slaps gumball's butt)

mina : goodnight

Gumball: yeah *blush's* goodnight*

they go to bed*

(later that night)

(dracula and the girls come out of their room)

dracula : ok , they're all asleep , now our plan can commence

(the girls sneak in to the kids' rooms , mina in to gumball's , lucy in to darwin's , and elizabeta in to anais')

(dracula stands outside richard and nicole's room and raises his hand)

dracula : nicole , awaken and arise

(nicole does so)

dracula : now walk to the door

(nicole does so , and opens it , and dracula picks her up and carries her to his and the girls' room)

dracula : you will be my bride throughout eternity , we'll share the endless passion of immortal love

(in darwin's room , lucy quietly sneaks to darwin's bed and bites him)

(in gumball's room , mina almost bites gumball when he wakes up)

(in anais' room , elizabeta almost bites anais when she opens her eyes for a brief moment)

Anais: hey! what's going on here?

in Gumball's room*

Gumball: dude did you almost bite me?! what's going on huh?

Mina kisses Gumball on the lips*

Mina: one last kiss before taking your blood *opens her mouth back up and prepares to bite Gumball, but misses*

Gumball: AAAAH *runs and tries to wake darwin up* DARWIN WAKE UP

Darwin: *wakes up* AAH, what's goign on?



(mina comes in)

mina : i'm sorry to do this , gumball , i really did like you

(darwin holds gumball in place)

Gumball: 0-0 ok, go ahead then I guess. . .

(anais comes in)


(mina hisses at anais)

Gumball: let her do it ANAIS, it's worth it, I'll be free when I'm bitten!


Darwin: yes, but don't worry she'll bite you next.

anais : i feel like i don't even know you 2 anymore

darwin : you're looking at a whole new me (hisses)


mina : he is now 1 of us

gumball : then , that means

lucy : yes , me , my sisters , and our father , are all vampires

Gumball: oh

(richard suddenly walks in)

richard : hey , do any of you know where the (notices what's going on) nevermind


richard : i had the same dream

elizabeta : it's no dream , lump (hisses)


lucy : oh , our father is about to make her his eternal bride


Gumball: we won't let you

Darwin: to bad. . .

gumball : you are no longer my brother (kicks darwin away , and he , along with richard and anais , run out , and head in to dracula and the girls' room , just as dracula is about to bite nicole , making her his eternal bride)

dracula : ah , you are just in time , the marriage is about to begin

richard : sorry , but this marriage has been nulled (attempts to belly flop dracula , but misses)

dracula : if that's all you got , i almost feel sorry for you

(gumball jumps toward dracula , but dracula avoids this as well , then grabs gumball by the throat and lifts him)

dracula : arrogant mortal , you are in my world now , and you will never leave this room alive , i will destroy you , and then , i will possess she who you love the most , and there is not a single thing in the world you can do to stop me

(gumball bites dracula's hand , and dracula releases him , but then steps on gumball , pinning him to the floor)

dracula : for that , you will watch while with your beloved mother , i consummate our marriage

GUmball: NOO *trying to escape*

(dracula attempts to bite nicole once more , but is stopped by richard , who does another belly flop , but dracula shapeshifts in to a bad just before richard can do it)

dracula : i bet you didn't know i could change shape too , right (turns back to his original form)

Gumball: what's your deal anyway

Dracula: humanity is my deal, boy

Richard: what have we done to you

Dracula: humankind took my wife away from me , and now it's their turn to suffer

Anais: it's you, you're the reason Transylvania's population has diminished over the last 99 years

Dracula: you humans are all the same, with you buck toothed grins, and your short pointy ears, i wish i had started the war directly after you took my wife from me

Gumball: who you calling human's though? I'm a cat, Darwins a fish, my mom's a cat, Dads a bunny, and anais is a bunny. . .

dracula : humanoid 1s , so by default , you all are official humans , my wife was a human too

Gumball: ok, I see your point, but your not getting away with this! *attacks him and scratch's him all up*

dracula : it's your kind who won't get away with taking the love of my life away from me

Gumball: why is your eyes red? shouldn't you be named CRACK-ula? heh heh X3

dracula : funny joke , for somebody who's life is about to end (shapeshifts into a lion)

Gumball: *attacks*

(dracula pounces gumball)

dracula : your time is up , brat

Gumball: NU UH YOUR TIME IS UP . . . *bites*

(dracula returns to his original form)

dracula : you little twerp

Gumball: HEH HEH *throws cigars at him*

dracula : oh come on , you're not gonna stop me with paper sticks

GUmball: *brings out A STAKE* I was kidding, NOW FOR THE REAL DEAL TIME TO DIE EVIL SPAWN OF THE DEVIL YAAAAAAA *tries to stab him in the chest*

(dracula grabs gumball's wrist)

dracula : call me a spawn of the devil , will you , well , you're dead wrong (takes the stake)

Gumball: *gasps* DUDE, that was supposed to kill you! *tries taking it back*

dracula : you think you're smart (stabs gumball in the leg with the stake) satan is a false being


(the coach driver from before comes in)

dracula : ah , you're just in time , take these fools to the dungeon

coach driver : yes sir (grabs gumball , darwin , richard , and nicole , and drags them to the secret entrance from before , opens it , and throws them in a cell)

dracula : now , if you'll excuse me , it's time for me to catch my boat to carfax abbey (shuts the door) (to the coach driver and darwin) keep a eye on them

(the coach driver and darwin nod as dracula and the girls head out)

Nicole: weird, I thought, we were gonna get married, he's oddly handsome


anais : nevermind that , we have to find a way to get out of here and find dracula before he takes over the world

Gumball: and how do we escape?

anais : i don't know , but we'll figure something out

voice : it's no use

(the wattersons turn around and see a little girl and her baby brother)

girl : we've been here for 5 days , there's no way out

anais : you've never met me before , i always figure something out

gumball : she does

Richard: it's true, she's the genius :3

girl : those people seemed so nice , though , especially the oldest of those girls

nicole : elizabeta

girl : yeah , her , she gave me and my brother kisses and pinched our cheeks

gumball : yeah , those guys were nice to us too

anais : the girls even gave me and my siblings foot massages

richard : and that dracula seemed like a proper gentleman

nicole : we didn't find out about their true intentions until it was too late

Darwin: I'm sorry for all that guys, it's my fault.

gumball : oh , shut up you traitor

anais : yeah , you can't think any of us will trust you now , do you , i mean , how stupid do you think we are

Darwin: ok. . .


(dracula and the girls are at a dock , and they find a boat heading for london and board it , and as the boat sets sail , dracula and the girls slay the crew , feed on their blood , and dracula takes the wheel of the ship)

(meanwhile , back at the castle)

(the coach driver and darwin enter the cell)

coach driver : i think it's time for our lunch

(darwin and the coach driver hiss and attempt to feed on the wattersons , the girl , and her brother)

they try to attack back*

anais : guys , the door

darwin : oh no you don't (hisses)

they stop darwin but they go otu the door*

(as the wattersons and the siblings go out , nicole shuts the door with darwin and the coach driver in the cell)

Gumball: ok. . .now lets find dracula

they go look for Dracula while Gumball has the stake*

(meanwhile , at carfax abbey)

dracula : well , this is it , our new hunting grounds , jacques and fishface must have their hands full

(meanwhile , back with gumball and the others)

(they find the dock that dracula and the girls left for london from)

anais : yeah , dracula's been here , there's bloodstains on the docks

Gumball: where could he be now?

richard : i'm guessing carfax abbey , he purchased it

Gumball: ok

they go to that place*

(meanwhile , in london)

(at the insane asylum , mr. renfield sr. is in his cell when a doctor comes in)

doctor : renfield , you're free to go

renfield : really , thanks (heads out , and the doctor comes out , and shapeshifts , revealing himself to be dracula) count dracula

dracula : the 1 and only , and i understand you are a high priest of the order of the dragon

renfield : indeed i am

dracula : well , i have a proposition for you , i'd like you to become my servant

renfield : it would be my honor

(meanwhile , the wattersons and the siblings arrive in london)

Gumball: well here we are *they look for dracula*

richard : i never realized how big london is , we're gonna have a harder time than i thought looking for them

Gumball: yeah, DARN THAT VAMPIRE

anais : well , the best way to find him is if we split up , (to nicole) you go north (to richard) you go south (to gumball and the girl) you go west , and i'll go east

they split up looking for him*

(a while later)

anais : anybody find him

gumball : no

nicole : no

richard : negative

Gumball: . . .maybe we can enjoy it here and keep our eyes out for him. . .

anais : well , it is getting real late

Gumball: ok.

they go to bed in a hotel*

richard : maybe if we're lucky , he'll come to us

nicole : i doubt he even knows we're alive

Gumball: ok

anais : even if he does know , and that's a big IF , we couldn't be able to find eachother anyway

Gumball: ^ ^

anais : gumball , we're trying to find him , remember

gumball : yeah , i remember , we'll continue in the morning , though

the next morning they continue*

richard : ok , new plan , we ask around town

(richard comes across a woman on a bench)

richard : eh , excuse me ma'am , would you happen to know where carfax abbey is

woman : i do indeed sir , just take a left turn on main street , go 5 streets up , and you're there , oh , and if you reach big ben , you've gone too far

richard : thank you (goes back to the others) guys , i know where carfax abbey is , i wrote the directions down

Gumball: awesome!

they follow the directions*


richard : this must be it

they look around their for dracula*

Gumball: Dracula, we found you. . .

(dracula comes out)

dracula : you're alive , unbelievable

Gumball: we escaped, the warden and darwin are in the cage now.

dracula : i always figured something like this would happen some day , but anyway , you are too late to stop me , soon , this entire city will be mine for the taking , then the world

Gumball: we'll see about that *raises out the stake from his pocket and stabs him hard in the chest*

(dracula shapeshifts into a bat before gumball can stab him)

Gumball: DARN IT

dracula : try staking me now , mortals (flies off)

Gumball: quick, we need some garlic and some cannons to shoot them out of at him!

they get his weaknesses*

(the girls come out)

mina : miss us

Gumball: . . .I kind of had feelings for you Mina, so yes. . . .


mina : i did too , it's too bad we have to waste you

Gumball: well if your wasting me, your coming with me! *takes her hand and holds it tight not letting it go*

mina : um , i'm flattered by your offer , but unfortunately , you can't waste me if i waste you

Gumball: we'll be wasted together if I keep holding you *holds hand tight*

mina : that's not how it works

Gumball: well how else would we die together?

mina : why are you so interested in killing me , apart from the fact that i'm dracula's daughter

Gumball: cause I Love you, and we should die together if I'm getting wasted, do you have any other ideas?

lucy : um , we wouldn't hurt our own sister

mina : but since you wanna spend time with me , can you do this 1 thing for

gumball : sure , what is it

mina : can you turn around and bend over

gumball : um , ok (turns around and bends over) um , why am i doing this

mina : no reason (stares at gumball)

Gumball: uhm, i don't get it, are you looking at my underwear like panties?

mina : oh , you caught on , well , since you asked , i'm not exactly looking at your underwear

Gumball: then what are you looking at? my sexy butt?

mina : pretty much , and i'm loving every moment of it

Gumball: heh sing baby got back if you want *twerks in front of her*

(mina's eyes widen , and she sticks out her tongue)

mina : this is a dream come true

Gumball: yep, I'm here all day till death.

anais : uh , gumball , i know you're having a moment , but we do have a situation here

Gumball: ugh! fine! but still, if I'm dying, I'm STILL gonna die with her *tries to attack dracula*

mina : aw man , i was just about to touch it

dracula : don't play with your food for too long

Gumball: I'm not her food, I'm more like the boy of her dreams Dracula! *keeps trying to stab him*

(mina blushes , and dracula grabs gumball by the throat once more)

Gumball: *tries to escape*

richard : hey wait a minute , i just realized something , it's daytime , how come none of you are dead

dracula : that only works in movies

Gumball: well you guys are weird, thats just what I was wondering too, but not you mina, your beautiful.

dracula : do you even know who you're dealing with

Gumball: duh! I know who you are, I'm not stupid! *beats dracula up and throws garlic at him*

dracula : is this a joke (takes a garlic bulb , and eats it) i even dip it in leftover blood


dracula : if i was allergic to it , maybe

Gumball: i don't get it :I

dracula : you said vampires are allergic to garlic , well , that would depend on who either me or 1 of the girls bit , if said person was allergic to it

Gumball: ok

dracula : oh , by the way , i'd like you all to meet a old friend of mine (lights a large torch , and all at once , a building is sliced down the middle , and when it falls over , the wattersons see a giant wielding a sword) wattersons , moertahn , moertahn , wattersons

moertahn : i'm going to break you all

Gumball: don't you mean murder? cause were not statue's you know that?


Gumball: I get ya Anais, but this guy's getting the wrong words.

moertahn : i said it that way on purpose , fool

dracula : this guy and i have a long history together

moertahn : we are blood brothers

Gumball: blood brothers, not buying it.

dracula : we've sworn loyalty to eachother

Gumball: ok, if you say so.

dracula : we met when we were 10

Gumball: hmm. . . *tries to stab his freind to death just to make him cry like a baby*

(the knife bends when he tries)

Gumball: DARN IT IT's not WORKING

(moertahn raises his sword to kill gumball)

moertahn : so long , weak minded fool

Gumball: WAIT *grabs Mina* now, KILL US BOTH

moertahn : i'm not hurting the daughter of my dear friend

mina : but since i'm here (touches gumball's butt) i've waited the whole time to do that

Gumball: *shrugs and blush's*

nicole : nobody's messing with my family , NOT THIS DAY

nicole attacks him with her best attacks*

(richard belly flops elizabeta and lucy)

mina : HEY , NOBODY MESSES WITH MY SISTERS (tackles richard)

they attack more*

(moertahn raises his sword once more)

nicole : oh no you don't

Nicole blocks him and attacks him more and distracts him*

moertahn : you are worthy adversaries , but the fight is ours

the battle continues*

dracula : humanity will fall this day

Gumball: NOPE *attacks more*

moertahn : you're just delaying the inevitable

they attack him harder*

dracula : you're only making it harder on yourselves

Gumball: nah you are.

(dracula hisses)

they attack harder and harder*

(moertahn throws a bus at the wattersons)

gumball : HIT THE DECK (he and the other wattersons duck)


moertahn : you were just lucky that time

they attack more*

(elizabeta sees the girl and her brother)

elizabeta : hey , i remember you

Gumball: huh? you rember them?

elizabeta : i'm sure she's already told you the story

GUmball: ok

girl : only part of it

dracula : that's right , we killed their parents and drank their blood , but we decided to let those 2 marinate a while

Gumball: ok

elizabeta : that's it , that's all you have to say

Gumball: well I mean YOUR GONNA DIE *kicks*

moertahn : that didn't hurt

Gumball: does nothing hurt you?

moertahn : you and your family are tiny

Gumball: *hits*

(elizabeta walks to the girl , who cowers)

girl : please don't drink my blood

(elizabeta kneels down and strokes the girl's hair)

elizabeta : don't worry , i'm not going to hurt you .... yet

mina : oh great , here we go again

lucy : 3 , 2 , 1

(elizabeta kisses the girl and her baby brother on the cheek , then fondles the girl's cheeks)

mina : are you done

(elizabeta kisses the girl on the cheek again)

elizabeta : i love children

(dracula crosses his arms)

dracula : oh boy

richard : is she like this all the time

lucy : only when little children come to visit , especially little girls

mina : the day before this girl came along , some other girl came to the castle , and when dad decided it was time to feast on her and her family's blood , we didn't get elizabeta's help

dracula : it's true

Gumball: ok

dracula : the worst part is that it takes forever to get her to help

Gumball: serves you guys right

lucy : oh , she still takes part , but it takes a while

Gumball: yep

(elizabeta bares her fangs)

dracula : then again , we might be lucky this time

they attack them more*

(the girl cowers)

(elizabeta prepares to bite the girl)

gumball tries to save her*

(elizabeta hisses)

Gumball: do you have a weakness dracula? what is your weakness?

dracula : how stupid do you think i am

Gumball: I don't know, like what? you die in the dark then? or, your allergic to i don't know, Baggettes or something?

dracula : ok , first off , that's dumb , and second off , i can be up night and day , obviously

Gumball: well how does that even work? aren't you just a human if you don't die from day or night? are you just a guy pretending to be a vampire or something? i don't get it :I

dracula : i can shapeshift and drink blood , can't i

Gumball: yes, but if your a real vampire you would die from light or dark

Anais: sorry, he probably watched to many vampire cartoons.

dracula : well , i'll have you both know i'm 148 years old

Gumball: ok then . . .will you give us a moment?

they discus ideas to figure out his weakness*

(anais suddenly remembers seeing a falcon in transylvania and in london , then looks and sees that same falcon perched on a branch)

anais : why is that falcon following us everywhere

Gumball: hey, Dracula, did you notice that falcon was following us everywhere?

dracula : oh , he's been around ever since my marriage to my wife

Gumball: ok

they continue to try to figure out what his fear is*

(the girls attack them as they plan their strategy)

Gumball: not now girls, were trying to figure out away to get dracula freaked out

elizabeta : we know , that's why we're doing this

mina : sorry gumball , nothin' personal

Gumball: ok

(mina kisses gumball on the cheek)

mina : i still like you , it's too bad you have to die

(richard raises a stake , and the falcon attacks him)

Gumball: *keeps trying to stab dracula*

(the falcon attacks him before he can , buying dracula enough time to turn into a bat and escape to a nearby tree)

Gumball: how do we distract him so that we can actually kill him?

falcon : anybody who tries to mess with my son has to answer to me

Gumball: ok *stabs him with a stake*

(the falcon gets out of the way before he can stab him , then he turns into a man)

wattersons and little girl : what the

man : that's right , i am hveðrungr , but you humans know me as loki

Gumball: why were you following us?

loki : as i said before , anybody who tries to mess with my son has to answer to me

dracula : and as i said before , he's been with me ever since my marriage to my human wife

Gumball: ok

(loki knocks gumball away , and shapeshifts into a bat and flies off)

loki : good luck , my son

Gumball: draculas your son? ok. . . *keeps trying to stab him*

(dracula grabs gumball's wrist)

dracula : i thought he already told you

Gumball: *stabs him with a stake*

(lucy stops him before he can do it)

Gumball: UGH, LUCY

lucy : nobody messes with my family

Gumball: *tries to stab her before he can stab dracula*

(dracula hisses)

dracula : NOBODY MESSES WITH MY DAUGHTERS (grabs a tree branch and beats gumball with it)

Gumball: *grabs it* DUDE, you think I'm gonna cry pathetically like falling off a bike from trying to ride it? well YOUR DUMB *tries to stab him with stake hard*

(lucy gets in the way at the last minute , and takes the hit instead , and dracula's eyes begin glowing blood red , and he turns to loki)

dracula : father

loki : yes

dracula : take renfield and the girls , and go somewhere far from here

loki : ok , let's go girls

dracula : renfield

(renfield comes out)

renfield : yes master

dracula : you're going with the girls

renfield : yes master

(loki , renfield , and the girls leave the area)

moertahn : if you need me again , i'll be in jotunheim (leaves the area)

(dracula turns toward the wattersons)

dracula : you have destroyed my daughter .... you will be destroyed (starts vibrating , then sprouts wings and a reptilian tail with a arrow shaped tip , then horns grow on the back of his head , and his skin turns blood red , and he develops reptilian hands and feet , then grows to at least 30 feet tall , he has turned in to a dragon , and after his transformation is complete , he roars)

Gumball: so your just mad i destroyed her? well i only intended to get you! she just got in the way IDIOT, *grabs out sword and prepares to stab him in the heart*

(dracula grabs gumball in his fist)

dracula : NOBODY MESSES WITH MY FAMILY (roars in gumball's face)

Gumball: DUDE, i just told you, she MADE me do it, MADE!!! *tries to stab*

dracula : I DON'T CARE (squeezes gumball)


dracula : alright , I'LL DRINK YOU DRY INSTEAD

(the little girl cowers , and nicole holds her)

Nicole: Your going down!

dracula : you're dead wrong , i'll let you all in on a little secret .... this is the form i was in when i had my 1st taste of human blood , in fact , this is the 1st form i ever shapeshifted into

Nicole: ok.

dracula : that's it , you're not gonna say anything else

nicole; . . .ok, you've convinced me, what happened

dracula; it was about a year after the death of my wife, i had just recently moved into the castle, i was writing in my journal 1 night when i heard villagers at the front door, looking to kill me, i had remembered what humans had done to me the year before, and rage built up inside me, and i tapped into my shapeshifting abilities, and took on the form you see before you, and i went out, and slew those villagers 1 by 1, getting my 1st taste of human blood during it all, and as i turned around to return to the castle, i happened upon the corpse of 1 of the villagers i slew, the sounds of all of the villagers running and screaming as i killed them, inspired and compelled me, i hated them, i wanted to hurt more of them, but i only had those villagers, so i took that 1 villager's corpse into my fist, and pinned him to 1 of the castle towers with an iron spike, as a symbol of my great power, it was then that i decided, i had tapped into my destiny, and my destiny was to get back at the human race for what they had done to my beloved wife

Gumball: sooo, what is that supposed to tell us?

dracula : were none of you listening

Nicole: I was.

Gumball: I don't get it

dracula : well , the age of man is over anyway

Gumball: . . .what does that mean?

(dracula facepalms)

Gumball: what?

dracula : ok , ya know what , you all are getting on my nerves , so (snatches anais and the little girl and her baby brother , and flies off , and a pack of wolves comes out and attacks nicole and richard)

nicole : KIDS

(a wolf bites nicole)

richard : we've gotta get our kids back

nicole : and the new 1 and her brother

they venture out to find them*

(the wolves follow not too far behind)


(in a barren landscape)

(dracula lands near a hill)

dracula : now it's time for you all to get drank dry


nicole and richard continue looking for the kids*

Richard: where could they be now?

nicole : i don't know , but we can't look all day , let's just ask if anybody has seen them (walks up to a random guy) excuse me sir , have you seen a dragon carrying 3 children and a baby flying through here

guy : well , i saw something fly over here

richard : what direction did they go

guy : i think it went north

(a bus passes by , and richard and nicole get on it)

nicole : take us that way (points north)

(the bus drives in that direction , and the wolves follow)


gumball : well , you wanted us dead , so what are you waiting for

dracula : 1st , i'm gonna let you marinate a while , and make you suffer (walks toward another hill , and presses on a rock , and a hidden door opens , and dracula walks in as the door closes)

(inside , dracula heads toward a small camp)

dracula : greetings , my followers

man : our lord has arrived

gumball : lord

dracula : kids , meet the order of the dragon , they're a cult dedicated to worshiping me , (whispering to the kids) though to be honest , i don't really need it , but it's nice that there are some humans not out to kill me (puts the kids down in front of the followers)

priest : hello , children

anais : so , is it true you all worship this guy

clansman : that's right , if we do as he says and live up to his standards , he will grant us a place in his kingdom

(some armed guards come out and grab the kids)

dracula : take them to the torture chamber with the others

(the guards obey , and the kids are brought to a large room , in which other people are imprisoned , and the guards shut the door)

Gumball: well, now what?

prisoner : it's too late to do anything

Gumball: . . . or we could figure something out, you know.

prisoner : kid , they kept me here for 10 agonizing months

voice : they kept me here for 6

(the kids look over , and see a pregnant woman)

woman : i was just leaving from my gender test when they took me

prisoner 1 : they locked us in here , and they hardly feed us , these people are heartless

anais : well don't worry every1 , you won't be in here for long

Gumball: well, when you water breaks, push . . .

woman : thank you for your advice , young man

(anais gets on to a nearby rock)

anais : attention prisoners , i know you all have lost your hope , but now is the time to regain that lost hope , if we all work together , we can stand up to count dracula once and for all , and end his reign of terror , the time to fight back is now , it's time to throw away your feelings of hopelessness , and stand together to save mankind

(the prisoners cheer)

prisoner 1 : that's 1 spirited girl

gumball : tell me about it

Anais: Lets do this!

they go on to escape*

(they all break out , and the cult members attack them , and dracula flies in , and laughs evilly)

dracula : foolish mortals , you thought a few inspirational words and planning would change these people , look at these blank hopeless faces , their spirits were broken a long time ago , oh , but you still believe in them , how sweet , they're a waste of your energy little girl , you've failed

(a prisoner throws a rock at dracula's eye , and the vampire growls in anger)

dracula : SHOW NO MERCY

(the cult members continue their assault)

prisoner 1 : for the human race , ATTACK

(the kids and the other prisoners carry out their own attack , and dracula flies out)

dracula : they won't last more than 3 seconds

(the bus pulls up , and richard and nicole get off , and dracula shoots a fireball at the bus , destroying it)

dracula : you're alive , unbelievable

(the wolves catch up)

dracula : oh , just in time , destroy

(the wolves attack richard and nicole)

gumball tries to get the stake in draculas chest once more*

dracula : you're alive too , i see

anais : our friends are taking care of things

dracula : well , you're just in time to bare witness to the deaths of your beloved parents

(the wolves continue attacking richard and nicole)

the kids try to save them*

(a wolf bites gumball's arm)

gumball ignores it and furiously tries to pry them off of them*

dracula : NO , YOU HAVE FAILED ME (breathes fire at the wolves , incinerating them)

richard : he , he's psycho , he just wasted his own allies for no reason

Gumball: yeah, what's with that dracula?

dracula : in conflict , the winner is prepared to do what the loser is not

Gumball: again you just wasted the wolves that would have killed my parents. . .

dracula : they should've accomplished the task by now , but they didn't

Gumball: still, those things were your allies

Dracula: i would've killed them eventually anyway

Gumball: *gets closer and closer with sword behind back* ok, your insane though *draws out sword suddenly and stabs the dragon dracula in the heart as quickly as he can*

(a priest from the order of the dragon suddenly comes out and grabs his wrist before he can kill dracula)

priest : i don't think so

Gumball: seriously? Guu Smiley a preist this time? *slices the preist in half with his sword then resumes in stabing Dracula in the heart*

(dracula whips gumball with his tail)

dracula : you gotta step up your game

(the prisoners come out of the door in the hill and attack dracula)

dracula : oh , this is getting too much fun (battles the prisoners)

(the pregnant woman and the other prisoner come out)

gumball : hey , it's those people we net in the cell

woman : hello

prisoner 1 : (to richard and nicole) you must be these kids' parents

richard : yep , well , the girl and the baby , we just recently met , anyway , i'm richard

nicole : i'm nicole (to the pregnant woman) are you this guy's wife

woman : no , we met down in the cell , those people from the "order of the dragon" killed my husband the day they took me prisoner

Darwin: *hiding in the bush's waiting for the right moment with the guy he was locked up with*

Gumball: heh, well look at that, your kind of not the only one who had a spouse killed, only her HUSBAND was killed.

woman : really

Gumball: yeah, really.

(the woman groans in pain)

prisoner 1 : what's wrong

woman : i think the baby is coming

(in the other part of the area , dracula has defeated a handful of the prisoners , and is about to feed on their blood when she hears the woman's screams)

dracula : hmm , seems that 1 prisoner is going in to labor (puts the prisoners down) i'll deal with you apes later , i must take the baby when it's born (flies over to the others) hand over the woman

gumball : not now

dracula : too bad , i plan on taking that woman's baby , and making it my heir

Gumball: *growls and screams with a demonic voice at dracula that he got from his mother* YOU STAY AWAY OR I WILL RIP YOUR LIMBS OFF AND SHOVE THEM UP YOUR *SS *turns to the lady* come on, push! you can do it!

[ Darwin and the guy sprin into action and they attack Anais, but the little girl throws a rock at the coach driver while gumball helps the lady ]

Nicole: wait, Darwin?

Richard: that other guy from the cage?



Anais: there has to be an antidote somewhere to bring the real darwin back! *attacks the villans* but I'll fight the bad guy's first *fight's them with rocks*

Gumball: ANAIS SHUT IT, * back with lady again* come on, your almost their, PUSH

soon the baby is born*

Gumball: congrats *takes quickly and cleans it and puts blanket on it* don't worry I won't let Dracula take you, it's ok

Anais: since when do you know all that stuff?

Gumball: enought talking MORE FIGHTING DRACULA, I'll hold the baby

dracula : doesn't matter , your race will fall eventually anyway , and it's too late for your fish friend , he is now 1 of us (to darwin) now finish the job

darwin : yes , master (attack gumball)

anais and the watterson parents attack them*

dracula : (to gumball) ya know kid , you remind me of vincent van helsing

gumball : vincent van helsing

dracula : 1 of those "vampire hunters" from the 1900s , i defeated him and drank his blood , but he'll go down in history as 1 of the greatest warriors i've ever faced , and therefore , he has my respect , though i'll still talk shit about him every chance i get

Gumball: I kind of figured it would be cause I have the demonic voice from my mom.

dracula : um , what does that have to do with the vampire hunter i have respect for

Gumball: I don't know, I just thought it would.

dracula : i guess i can sort of see why mina likes you

Gumball: ok.

dracula: ya know , my wife was also named mina

Gumball: really? so you just named your daughter after your wife?

dracula : exactly , so we call her junior

Gumball: cool but DIE *stabs sword through heart of him*

(dracula smacks gumball before he can stab him)

Gumball: . . .don't make me cut off your limbs.

dracula : like i'm afraid of a mere child

Gumball: Hm, what ARE YOU AFRAID OF, BESIDES THIS *tries again to stab him in the heart*

dracula : is that a joke

gumball : yeah , that was stupid

(a woman rushes up to dracula)


dracula : mommy can't help him now (laughs evilly)


(dracula grabs the woman in his fist and drinks her blood)

anais : (to dracula) you see what pain you've caused

gumball : who was that

cult member : that was mrs. harker , her son johnathan was among dracula's most recent victims

dracula : hm , johnathan , he was 2 foot 4 , and had 2 marks on him , 1 on his cheek , and 1 on his neck , i remember johnathan , he was 1 of my favorites

Gumball: . . .marks? Wait, I SWEAR i had him!

anais : excuse me

Gumball: what?

dracula : ok , you're all wasting my time , so i'm just gonna take the baby , and be off to destroy the human race

Gumballl: NO *takes the sword*

Dracula: quick witted aren't you, but you've forgotten, i'm the king of vampires

Gumball: so? we can still beat you

dracula : unlikely

(a semi truck pulls up , and renfield and the girls get out)

dracula : just in time

renfield : master , i am here , master

(loki , in the form of a dragon , flies in)


(mina walks up to gumball)

mina : miss me

Gumball: heh heh

loki : ok , (to dracula , elizabeta , and the members of the order of the dragon) we'll all deal with these mortal fools

mina : is it ok if i deal with gumball here

dracula : ok

(dracula , loki , elizabeta , and the order of the dragon attack the other wattersons and the prisoners)

Gumball: *takes hand* I'm still going out with you, incase you have forgotten. . .

mina : i'm glad you still like me , and i still like you too , but i can't let my father down , by the way (pulls out a camera phone) i found this camera in 1 of your bags , tell me , when did you find time to make this (turns on a video titled "underpants dance")

(in the video , gumball is standing in front of the camera in his underwear)

gumball : (in the video) this is for all you creeps out there , creep on this (sticks his butt in the camera , then twerks) creepin' like a creepa , creepin' like a creepa

mina : i've watched it 72 times already , and loved it more and more each time

Gumball: 0////0 ya know, I'm not even gonna get mad, I'm just flattered you like that.

mina : i figured you would be , mr. butt

Gumball: heh heh, ok, whateves~Heart

(mina turns gumball around and stares at his butt)

Gumball: . . .uh, ok :3

mina : your butt looks fantastic in those pants

Gumball: thanks :3

mina : no problem , do you mind if i touch it

Gumball: go ahead.

(mina fondles gumball's butt cheeks)

Gumball: ^ ^ hey, why not S*x even.

mina : you , wanna have sex , with me

Gumball: yeah sure, if you want the real deal *flirty look*

(mina drools a little)

mina : excuse me (runs off , screams with joy , then comes back) you just made my day

Gumball: I'm glad I did, now lets go do it where your father won't see

they both go off to a private place to do it*

nicole : where do they think they're going

richard : when ya gotta go , ya gotta go

(a cult member whacks richard and nicole on the heads)

Richard: you're going down!

Dracula: heh, unlikely

Nicole: we'll see about that :3


mina : this looks like a good spot

Gumball: yeah, a real good spot

they start doing it*

(mina pulls out a broken sword handle during it)

they continue doing it*

(a minute later)

they finish*

Gumball: that was fun :D

mina : i know , say , how did the sword handle feel

Gumball: it felt ok

mina : i'm glad you liked it , and i'm glad i was able to pleasure you with it

Gumball: :3 *kisses her for first time for a while*

(mina picks gumball up , and carries him)

Gumball: ^ ^ heh, I'm like your groom

(mina and gumball return to the battlefield)

Gumball: ok were back.

nicole : just in time

dracula : yes , just in time for you to watch my supreme triumph

Gumball: *jumps to Stab dracula in the heart*

(dracula smacks gumball away before he can stab him)

dracula : foolish mortal , you cannot outsmart me

Gumball: uhm, good point for now, anyway's, *turns to them * HEY, how do we out smart dracula*

nicole : it's no use , we'd need like a 10 foot stake to take him down

Gumball: hey, why not make one heh heh

anais : even if we tried , and that's a big IF , it would take at least 32 hours , and at the rate dracula is going at , the human race will be gone in 16 hours

Gumball: UGH, fine, then we'll give up

dracula : smart move , the age of vampires begins now

(gumball , in anger , throws his sword , which strikes dracula's heart)

dracula : NOOOOOOOOOOOOO (falls down a nearby cliff , and is impaled on the stalagmites at the bottom)

elizabeta : FATHER (turns to the wattersons and hisses)

loki : my son

(valkyries fly down from the sky , and take dracula's body , and take it with them back to the sky)

Gumball: he was annoying anyway's, I had to do it!

nicole : you just saved mankind

Gumball: yeah, someone had to do it, anyway's mina, you wanna go out for dinner sometime?


Gumball: like I said, I had too, otherwise, we'd all be dead. . .

mina : no , YOU would've been dead , your whole race would've been dead

Gumball: oh, well I'm sorry.

elizabeta : your kind doesn't deserve to exist in this world anyway

anais : why are you getting preachy , dracula's the 1 that hated the human race , and he's gone now

elizabeta : we saw what they did to our mother , so we know what savages they are

Gumball: I know, he already told us, luckily that's the only thing we alway's remeber and learn.

elizabeta : and you just proved his point further by killing him

GUmball: oh

elizabeta : don't worry , you all will have plenty of time to think about it where you're going

(elizabeta and mina hiss at the wattersons)

Gumball: well if your not intrested in me anymore then FINE *starts trying to stab them too*


they attack them*

(as the wattersons and the vampire sisters battle , mina sees gumball turning around , and enters a trance , but elizabeta hits her in the back of the head , snapping her back to reality)

elizabeta : HEY , get your head in the game

mina : right , of course , um , what were we talking about again

(elizabeta facepalms)

elizabeta : must you get this way around boys

mina : i can't help it

they attack her more*

(mina continues staring at gumball)

elizabeta : ehem

mina : what , oh , sorry

Gumball: still staring at me? you hate now don't you? *fights her*

mina : oh , i can't stay mad at you

(elizabeta facepalms)


mina : i don't care anymore

Gumball: oh, then you forgive me?

mina : of course , you're just too good looking

elizabeta : well , i don't , you killed our father , and as for you , mina , you've always been a annoying pain in the a** , but this time , you have gone too far

Gumball: oh, well ok elizabeth, hey mina, lets beat your sister up!

Mina: my thoughts exactly, (to elizabeta) hey sis , you've always been a big bore to me

Elizabeta: WHY YOU LITTLE (hisses)

they both try to stab her in the heart*

elizabeta : YOU TRAITOR (grabs mina by the throat) i thought we were sisters (takes 1 of gumball's stakes) (to the wattersons) 1 MORE STEP , AND MINA KICKS THE BUCKET

Gumball: *backs up* k. . .gotta have you live mina. . .

darwin : pointing a wooden stake at 1 of our own , that's a low thing for a vampire to do

elizabeta : fine , you can take it then (throws the stake at darwin , killing him)


elizabeta : he would've killed you eventually , anyway


elizabeta : once somebody is turned into a vampire , there's no turning back , especially for me , mina , lucy , and our father , because we were born vampires

Gumball: FINE BUT YOUR STILL GOING TO HAVE TO DIE *throws sword at her heart*

(mina claws at elizabeta's face , and elizabeta releases her)

gumball then stabs eleizabeth in the heart*

elizabeta : i've failed you mother , and you , father

and she dies*

Gumball: my work here is done, come on Mina, lets go home

mina : you're letting me live with you

little girl : what about me and my brother , can we come too

Gumball: sure ^ ^

coach driver : not so fast , you still have to deal with me (hisses)

gumball then throws sword and coach drivers heart*

coach driver : OH COME ON

Gumball: heh heh

he drops dead*

Gumball: NOW my work here is done

nicole : what about the order of the dragon , what do we do about them

Gumball: the prisoners? we can save them. . .

anais : gumball , we already freed them

nicole : i was talking about the order of the dragon

Gumball: I don't know

richard : well , we've already killed dracula

Gumball: ok

(the wattersons look over , and find that the members of the order of the dragon are gone)

Gumball: their gone!

anais : must've lost hope

Gumball: . . .that sucks for them.

mina : dad promised them a place in his kingdom , but now that he's dead , and his kingdom never saw the light of day , they see no point in continuing

Gumball: oh, I feel bad for them, I guess we can go after them and help them

anais : nah , let 'em go , they're no threat to any1 now

Gumball: ok, then I guess we will go home anyways

everyone goes home*

(meanwhile , in transylvania , there is a dried flower on a hill)

(flashback to 106 years ago , in 1910 , on that same hill , dracula , mina sr. , and the girls , are together , mina and lucy are playing together , and dracula , elizabeta , and mina sr. , are walking together , then all 5 of them sit together)

mina sr. : it's getting really late , honey , should we go home

dracula : no , let's just stay here for a little while

(the family holds eachother , and watches the sunset)

[ the end ] 

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