The story begins directly after the events in "Godzilla vs. Destroyah". Godzilla Junior has become the new Godzilla, and is about to head back into Tokyo Bay when a creature similar to his father appears. The creature introduces itself as "GodzillRa" and proclaims that since Godzilla is dead, the title of "King of the Monsters" belongs to him. He then announces that what Junior is doing is immoral and illegal, prompting Junior to attack him, but before he can, GodzillRa leaves, right after "spilling" on Junior and his fans. Junior then begins a long quest across Japan to find GodzillRa, which ends in Hiroshima. There, GodzillRa announces that he has harnessed the power of the Internet, and turned it against him, introducing creatures he calls the "Guardians of the Internet", which are the "Guardian of Memes" and the "Guardian of Websites". The Guardian of Memes takes on Junior first, summoning an army of memes, including "Insanity Wolf", "Rage Guy", "Internet Troll", "WTF Boom", and even the legendary "Rickroll". Junior defeats the memes, causing them to be transported into a computer each time. He then destroys the Guardian of Memes before battling the Guardian of Websites, who unleashes multiple websites, including "Facebook", "YouTube", "Tumblr", "Twitter", and even "Wikipedia". Junior defeats them as well, causing them to have the same fate as the memes. Junior then defeats the Guardian of Websites, then attacks GodzillRa. The two giants battle, with Junior emerging victorious. With his goal now seemingly accomplished, Junior returns to the sea, unaware that his actions have caused the birth of the internet, rather than it's destruction.

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